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Atlanta, GA, us
About me:
I work at a self-serve/full-serve bathing and grooming shop and it is so much fun. I love meeting new nutty dog people and making the loves of their lives beautiful and face-kissable.

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My Hobbies

I am an animal person-
I have 3 dogs: Gypsy the 9-year-old pound mutt, Sweetsie the 9-ish-year-old hand-me-down from my big brother CardiganCorgi/Sheltie-ish mutt, Henry the 5-year-old Pembroke Corgi
4 cats: Scout, Madelyn, Vince and Birdy my little baby whom I bottle-fed since he was a day old.
5 rats: Casey, Effie, Ophie, Pearl, and Lilly

I also am a voracious reader, bicycler, sometimes camper-outdoorsy girl, though truthfully I watch more hours of TV and spend more hours on the Internet than I will admit to

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